Why Lifting Weights is Important for Women

This last year has brought me from post partum mom trying to drop those last few stubborn pounds of baby weight to trying to build lean muscle mass… not at all what I had in mind when I started this whole journey but here we are!

As women we often fear the heavy lifting because we don’t want to look bulky/manly or gain weight … which might be why we tend to gravitate to cardio machines, and cardio based workouts.

The reality is that weightlifting is actually an amazing way to transform your body AND it has so many useful benefits.

1. It helps drop body fat; when we build muscle we also increase our metabolism which in turn burns more calories all day long.

2. It helps gain strength; as women we have 10-30% less testosterone than a man making it almost impossible for us to build like a man would BUT we can develop muscle definition and strength

3. It decreases our risk of osteoporosis; not only does it strengthen our bodies it increases bone density

4. It decreases the risk of injury; strong joints, ligaments and tendons are important in injury prevention

5. It helps burn more calories; it has been proven that weight training can increase your metabolism for 24 hours after an intense workout

6. Improves posture and reduces back pain

7. Enhances your mood and decreases stress

Weight training 2-3 times each week can give you these amazing benefits so don’t shy away from those weights ladies! If you’re interested in the incredible program I’m currently working through it goes through the basics of weightlifting and you’ll be seeing these benefits in less than 8 weeks.

Comment below for more details on how to join my next virtual bootcamp featuring weightlifting basics, an incredibly easy meal plan (including how to treat wisely) and me as your supportive coach through it all!

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