How to Overcome Overwhelm

Who here has ever suffered from feeling overwhelmed??🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

Pretty sure we can all raise our hand here. At some point or another we just look around and feel completely and utterly lost on what to do next…amiright….

Last week my overwhelm hit me like a ton of bricks..over the head… WHOA! IT stopped me in my tracks, enough so that I had to really take a deep breath and good step back and look at the big picture.

First, where was this overwhelmed feeling coming from?
For me it was a compilation of factors – the previous week being on vacation and out of my normal routine was a start… then I looked deeper and I had started to implement new daily rituals into my routine to help me NOT feel overwhelmed BUT they were kind of doing the opposite.
I think some times we wait for this ‘stars-align’ moment to start something new because we feel we’ll be the MOST prepared then. The truth is if we wait for the stars to align we might wind up waiting a life time.

Sooo…exactly what can we do to help get beyond this overwhelmed feeling we have from time to time?


CALM DOWN! Now that you’ve sought the source of your overwhelm out you can breath. Seriously take a few deep breaths, meditate, stretch, whatever it is that will calm your mind.

TAKE YOUR TIME. Starting new habits can feel overly daunting when you place so much pressure to turn everything around in a day. It didn’t take a day to get to where it is now and it is going to take time to turn it around.

SET GOALS. Break down your goals by priority, what NEEDS to happen first in order to help you achieve the next goals. Be real and specific with your time frames in which you want to achieve said goals.

CREATE A TO-DO LIST. Build your list but don’t over do it. Your to-do list should be something that you will SEE every day, multiple times so keep it handy or in a space you will see it. (For the record this was part of my overwhelm, taking the time to plan out my to-do list for the next day before I went to bed at night.)

FOCUS. Stop multi-tasking! I know every mom reading this just halted in her tracks 😄 but seriously finish a task then move on. I am notorious for starting something then finishing (or NOT weeks, months, years later….) but this all leads to further overwhelm. Ok now go put away the clothes you folded last week….myself included 🤦‍♀️

SET A TIMER. This was something I used to think was ridiculous until I did it. I tend to get distracted super easily especially on those tasks that I strongly dislike…….putting away folded laundry…… so setting a time frame has helped me stay on track. We typically have an attention span of 20 minutes before our thoughts become penetrated by the squirrel jumping across the yard so breaking down our tasks into smaller sections of time actually keep us more on track in the big picture.

GIFT YOURSELF A DISTRACTION. Just like work we need a break to reset and renew our energy and focus. Get outside for some fresh air, call your bestie, practice some yoga, whatever it is that you love to do. When you return to your work you’ll feel ready to rock!!

GET RID OF CLUTTER. This is a big one for me and another contributing factor to my overwhelm….the things, ALL the things!!! When we have to many things in our visual field we tend to lose concentration more readily, so put that stuff away, donate it, whatever it takes but scale back so you can focus on the truly important things.

JUST SAY NO. Ok this is a huge one for me…I am such a people pleaser that I often put other’s wants and time frames before my own. Again this just leads to my own overwhelm and frustration. Remember you are in control of your life and what you say yes to so if you don’t really want to do something know that it is 100% OK to say no to it.

Before i overwhelm you just know that these are just a small fraction of the tools you can utilize to overcome overwhelm, maybe you start with one then build from there but the point is to start to overcome it anyway that suits you.

Don’t be afraid to start something new just because your stars haven’t aligned yet. Overcome that overwhelm and forge onward but break it down into bite sized chunks and don’t forget to breath. You’ve got this!!!

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