Staying Accountable

Just over a year ago I decided to take my body back, at that time all I had in mind was losing that baby weight.🤱 I had zero clue just what I was going to gain from this whole fitness venture because in all reality, I had NEVER🙅‍♀️ stuck to program or put any extra thought into what could be GAINED by doing good unto myself.

I was great at starting a program seeing a bit of results and quickly becoming bored or lax with it and soon falling off the program entirely. Being a mom, alone at home with a baby and a four year old I had zero accountability so it’s easy to see why I would stop holding myself to those promises i kept making to myself.

Eventually i knew i needed something different, something beyond the free YouTube videos👩‍💻, something beyond the gym 🏋️‍♀️(getting there often enough was always a comfy excuse not to go) and i found myself watching a woman go from c-section to abs all in her own home…and all while her toddler and five year old were running around her….what the actual🤔🤔?????

🛑It was time to stop making excuses for myself and ultimately stop breaking the promises i made to myself. In that one moment i reached out to her my whole life changed. That one message has set the tone for how i choose to live my life now.

🚫I stopped wishing for more time for me and MADE time.
🚫I stopped putting my goals aside when they became challenging and pushed through.
🚫I stopped using those comfortable excuses and turned them into my WHY.
🚫I stopped breaking the promises I made to myself and started holding myself accountable.

This fitness journey is NOT about losing weight, having flat abs or running a marathon, it’s about living a life of fulfillment, a life I can be happy living and find balance in. The biggest loss I’ve had couldn’t be measured by the scale and the most noticeable gains can’t be captured by a photo.

If you’re reading this and you’ve stopped being accountable to yourself, or stopped believing your own promises I am here to help, I couldn’t have done this on my own so why should you? Join my growing group of women inspiring, lifting and holding each other accountable every day…new bootcamps begin June 4th…what have you got to lose?

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