Clean Chai Latte

Ok so you’re dying for that latte from your fave coffee shop BUT you have goals! Goals that do not include wasting time, money, or calories on that damn latte!!


Behold my version of a chai latte!! This clean eating friendly latte screams snowy Sunday morning snuggled with the squishiest blankets. It’ warm, creamy goodness hits my craving for a certain coffee place right on the head! Don’ get me wrong I love a good treat every now and then but at a fraction of the cost, calories and effort….two kids to load in the car….nope… this wins me over!

It takes very little time to go from just a cup of black tea to this little confection! Feels like I’m cheating on my 80 Day Obsession plan but I’m not!!

What you need:

1 cup of chai tea (I like mine steeped strong)

1/2 cup of coconut milk (you can sub in almond, cashew, or diary just watch your container counts; I also find coconut milk froths better)

An electric frother or a whisk


What you do:

1. Steep your tea to your desired strength (I usually let mine steep for 5 mins)

2. Warm your milk. You can do it in the stove until it steams or in the microwave. I put mine in the microwave for 45 seconds.

3. Froth the milk with your frother or whisk. Takes about 30 seconds to get a good foam going on.

4. Gently pour your milk into your tea and enjoy ☕


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