14 Months Postpartum Update


Stressed ⬜
Depressed ⬜
Ashamed to get undressed ⬜

Did you check βœ”any of those boxes?

I πŸ’―% did after having baby #2. I was so disappointed with myself after I had my second daughter. I had planned to have a healthy pregnancy and did everything in my power to get fit before I got pregnant and then 6 weeks in I had THE WORST morning sickness EVER! I mean ALL day every day sickness!

I tried to continue my fitness journey and eat healthy but eventually caved. I just gave up on myself 😣. I went to work…raced home to pick up my daughter from Daycare…ate dinner…snapped at my daughter for who knows what…went to bed….. EVERY.SINGLE.DAY…. until I went on mat leave.

Talk about guilt…serious mom guilt. I’m not proud of that person but I’ve learned from her. I’ve learned just how important self care is, without taking care of you how on earth will you be able to take care of anyone else? I’ve learned how important it is to eat properly, not just conveniently because your food truly affects your mood. I’ve learned that I need exercise in my life permanently, without it I feel the weight of the world pressing on my brain.

That mom on the left was beyond ready to cross those negative feelings off that damn list and take her life back!

My girls are watching my every move, they’re learning behaviours from me, they need the best of me not the rest of me, they need me to be strong, they need me to be present and they need me to be a ray of positivity even on the hard days. I’m far from perfect but as long as I keep mindful of all of these πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘† reasons WHY then I’m being my own perfect and that’s what really matters.

If you or someone you know is ready to Love Your Body and change your life this month let’s talk! I can help you feel like YOU again! Monday is the start of a fresh group and I’d love to add you.


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