Creating Your Vision Board

Vision 1


Before we start building our boards I want to take a minute to tell you what a vision board is and why I think it’s an important tool in guiding you toward your goals.

What the heck is a vision board?
A vision board is more than just a compilation of pretty pictures that speak to you, these pictures should represent your goals (even if its an image of words 😉). Having a visual of your goals laid out where you can see it helps In the manifestation of those goals, seeing those goals in front of you every day keeps the fire lit. Unlike simply writing out your goals there is always a image to reference.
These goals we will be setting are for our future, however far or near you want those goals to be achieved by. It creates a story of the life you want to live.

Today’s homework:
Define your goals. What are you hoping to achieve before 2019? Really think about the time line for your goals, are they things you want to happen this year, are they things you want to build this year and hope to achieve in the next 5 year? Make sure you find a balance within those goals, you should have goals pertaining to all aspects of your life. Often we focus on one small piece of the puzzle, but in order to live our best lives we need to create balance.
Here are 10 areas to think about:
1. family and friends
2. personal growth and development
3. finances
4. career/business
5. romance
6. fun and recreation
7. giving
8. health and fitness
9. physical environment
10. spirituality
You don’t need to include all of these on your board but they are a great stepping stone to build from.


Vision 2

What next?!

Now that you’ve got your goals brewing it’s time to think about whether you want your board to be virtual or a real board. I’ve made them both ways and honestly I LOVE LOVE  LOVE a real board with pictures cut out from a magazine, newspaper or even something printed off and cut out…but it takes more time so be prepared!
Personally I’ll be going the virtual route and I’ll be sending it out to print off so I can hang it in my ‘office’ AND use the virtual copy as my screen saver on my computer. I wanna see this thing ALL day every day!!
If you choose to go the real cut and paste method I would suggest getting a nice sized Bristol board, a cork board, or even a foam core board to build upon. Michael’s or the Dollar store should have everything you need, including glue! (Make sure you use a coupon if you go to Michael’s)
If you’re going to use a virtual method plan on using whatever photo design software or app you feel most comfortable with.  I love Canva (, Pic Monkey (, Photoshop or even just Microsoft Word will work. Again totally up to you what works best. If you have any suggestions please drop them below!!
Vision 3

Now that you’ve all dreamt big and came up with a game plan for your life it’s time to find those images that speak to you, that represent your goals.

If you’re anything like me I’d start with my Pinterest board…that’s where my passions truly lie. If you haven’t spent a bazillion hours scoping out Pinterest over the last 5 years of your life…is that too much???😜..Google it!!

Make a file and save all of your little gems there, tomorrow we will make the magic happen!!

If you’re making a real cut and paste style board get out those scissors and magazines and get to cutting!!

Really have fun with this part, it’s my favourite…who doesn’t love looking at what their future could hold?!?!

Vision 5

I hope you’ve all had some time to collect your visuals for your board!! Today is when the magic happens but first let’s talk about how we’re going to use our boards.
Yes they’re going to be beautiful but beyond that beauty lie our goals. For some of you putting it all together will be enough to keep you pushing toward those goals, and for others they’re going to need to SEE this visualization of their goals more regularly to ensure they are maintaining focus.
Think about it like this: if you’ve ever gone car shopping and you found that one car that you absolutely love…then suddenly you start seeing them everywhere…is it a coincidence? Chances are no… it’s that law of attraction. Sounds silly but I know you’re nodding your head right now.
For me when we were trying to get pregnant with Lyla it seemed like everyone I came in contact with was pregnant or had just had a baby. It was always in the forefront of my mind.
THIS is why having that visual, that daily reference point is so ultimately important. What we think is what we attract! We’ve all heard it time and time again that positivity breeds positivity and negativity attracts negativity; keep those positives always in the foreground. Not an easy task for most…my self included but I know when I’m being pulled into that dark cess pool of negativity and it is NOT a place I enjoy.
Don’t just let your board become a part of the furniture, let it gage your progress, keep you on track and motivate you to do whatever it takes to achieve your BIG SCARY DREAMS!!
 My personal vision board for 2018 🙂

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