Be a Mermaid


“She is a mermaid, but approach her with caution. Her mind swims at a depth most would drown in.”

One of my favourite memories of my own childhood was the countless hours spent swimming. Growing up on the lake you are left with little choice but to learn to swim. And swim we did!!

My best friend and I would spend most mornings learning to swim in a pool then head straight to the beach from there. We would swim out as far as we could and try to touch the bottom of the lake. Never feeling fearful or anxious about what could lie below.

I reflect upon those times so often, as those fearless behaviours of childhood are not always carried forward into adulthood. Maybe it’s that loss of naivety, or lack of ignorance that is to blame. At some point in my life I stopped swimming fearlessly into deep waters, not for a lack of skill, simply because fear grips me and I can’t get out of my own head.

As she swam through the salty, blue water she too paused with fear. It was in that moment that I realized I had to let go of my own fear in order to keep her curiosity at the forefront of her mind. I kept saying to myself ‘You CAN do hard things’.

As we swam up to the reef we saw spectacular coral, fish and plant life. She was awestruck. I was as well…not with the surroundings but by her courage and skill.

This journey is not all about me, it is not all about abs, it is about being strong mentally, strong physically, and pushing myself to do hard things. It’s about showing her what strength looks and feels like, and guiding her on her own path full of hard things.

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