Denim Decoded

One of the most difficult items of clothing to shop for for most women (men too)…JEANS 👖


I’ve seen it nearly every single day for the last 12 years…a women who wants/needs a new pair of jeans and tries on 25 pairs yet leaves with nothing but frustration….myself included. I’ve been on the hunt for denim that fits properly for the last month 😤…. the struggle has been real…

I don’t think it matters what size you are…denim is tough to fit ‘perfectly’. I’m beginning to think most women have a ‘soulmate’ brand and just need to stick with it! 🤣

Do you know which cut and style works best for you?

🍐shape – look for a higher waistline to cinch you in, a dark wash to let your curves stand out but still hide any problem areas, a small bootcut or straight cut (not skinny) to balance you out and a heavier weight denim with a bit of stretch to smooth everything out and create a clean line

🍎shape – ideally you would look for a mid rise, flat front, little to no detailing on the front to avoid adding bulk at your mid section, look for a slim or straight cut to elongate your legs, you can try different washes but try to stick to darker tones, and you’ll want a decent amount of stretch for comfort and to help hold everything in

🥕 shape – you can pull off a mid to high rise, look for details around the pockets (back pockets especially) to add volume in order to balance your shape out, a high waist will nip in your natural waist to help add shape to your lower half, a lighter wash is ideal for this shape, and look for a straight cut or a bit of a bootcut even

👩curvy- straight leg jeans are your best friend, but don’t shy away from boyfriend or boot cut, even slim cut with heels works well for you, a dark wash will help add length and disguise any problem areas, also look for a heavier denim to hold everything in place

👦boyish – you’re ideal jean will have some detail on the pockets to add the illusion of curves, most rises will work for you with low to mid being the best, you can try skinny fit to accentuate any curve you do have but boyfriend fit will add a little volume too, and a lighter wash is ideal for your shape

Since I fall into that boyish shape I opted for these rose embellished jeans. The roses sit at the hip and give the illusion I have a bit more curve than I actually do…see what I did there 😉. You want to draw to the areas you want to highlight or make appear fuller than they actually are. The button front again adds an element of interest to the front and makes my hips appear wider and less boyish.

I’ve also heard that denim is an investment piece but I’m not really $old on that… some of my best fitting denim I purchased over 10 years ago and it has barely faded and I might have spent all of $20 on them… I’m a huge believer in not spending a fortune to look great!

This look from top to bottom is:
Coat – Sirens $50
Scarf – Urban Planet $9
Tee – H and M $12
Jeans – Sirens $35
Boots – Vintage find on EBay $15

#findyourfit #jeans #denim

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