An Organized Life


Are you on auto pilot…

You know… just coasting through life waiting for things to happen…
Or are you taking a hands-on approach and really doing what you LOVE?!
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Almost two years ago I could feel my mindset start to change. I knew I needed to find a more positive outlook in my life because feeling disappointed or tired all the time just wasn’t working out any more. I needed to be a happier person for myself and my family. I just wasn’t sure where I should start.
It took a while but eventually I started to realize that baby steps would get me where I wanted to be, not quickly mind you, but I would get there.
It started with really organizing my life, I know..I know, how basic…but GUYS it truly worked. I started to map out my life, from work, to household chores, to extra activities, whatever…. I made a point to lay out my week and an interesting thing happened…I found MORE time in my week than I even knew was there. Crazy when that happens….
The craziest part though?? Finding out I was piloting my own life again. It was such a great feeling to know that I was in charge, that I had empowered myself to live the life I wanted. I was better at my job, which in turn turned into success, I was better at being a mom, hello showing up to extracurriculars, I was able to spend quality time with my family because I wan’t constantly juggling the mess of life and I was just so much happier!!
My best advice on how to actually start ORGANIZING your life is to start small. Make a list of the things you HAVE to do each week (ex. work schedule, laundry, change cat litter, etc.) then start adding in the things you would like to do (date night, bake with the kids, work on a craft, etc.). Now, I know this sounds so simple but there comes a time in our lives that we need to be honest with ourselves, we’ve all had a day planner at some point but do you really use it to it’s full potential…for that matter do you even use it? I was notorious for buying a beautiful new planner and using the first month or so and then forgetting about it. RE: getting to lazy to fill it in.


Now that you have your list and your pretty planner, let’s fill that planner in!! Really give yourself a schedule to work with, start with the first week, fill in the MUST do items, then strategically place the WANT to do items around that.  The key to making it all work though is setting clear time frames. Example if you’re doing laundry on a Tuesday set your start time and set an end time and give yourself a goal of how many load you MUST do in that time. For me being very specific about my goals holds me more accountable and I take it as a challenge…how many loads can I REALLLLLY do in that given time?? Yep! Seems silly but I tell ya It has seriously given me perspective into all that TIME ‘I never’ had before.
My strategy is to set 3 goals for the day, usually 2 thing I HAVE to do and 1 thing I WANT to do. Now once you get the 3 things done for the day guess what?!?! Free time!! WOO HOO!! Although, I rarely get to that ‘free time’ in any given day, by the time I meet the needs of my schedule and the children’s my day is usually coming to a close. You know what though? I feel accomplished knowing I checked off my list! That good feeling at the end of the day is a great way to head to bed, positive mind is a peaceful mind.
The truth is we all have the same 24 hours in a day to work with, it’s all how we use them and manage them that makes us more or less effective in our own lives. If you map out your life (which yes sounds super boring) you will actually find you have more of that precious time. Start each day with intent, follow your own map and stick to it!! This was the best gift I could give myself. I knew being organized would help me but I seriously doubted how MUCH it could help me.
Now NO I am not perfect but learning to be organized (and actually fill in that pretty day planner) has been such a basic thing to do but MAN has it ever been a game changer!!

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