A Beautiful Arrival

One year ago today, November 30th, 2016, at 2:19 am our second daughter made her triumphant arrival into our lives.

I had a feeling this baby would be born in November. I was so sure of it but she definitely made me wait it out! I also had a feeling it would be a second girl, even though this pregnancy was pretty much the opposite of my first, I just couldn’t picture a boy. Every one else was pretty much convinced it was a boy. Well everyone except Mae….Mae KNEW it would be a mermaid princess sister. Now for those of you that know Mae you know she is NEVER wrong! You probably also know that if that baby had even an inkling it was going to be a boy Mae would most likely have WILLED it to be a girl.


As I sat in that bed pushing with all of my might to get to the end of this labour and delivery journey my little babe was NOT budging beyond the point of crowning. The baby’s heart rate was dropping and the decision to extract the baby with suction was made. Within two minutes out she came!! I’ll never forget the moment the nurse took her and announced it was a GIRL!! I could barely compute what she was saying when she passed me my fresh, sweet baby girl. I held her close, kissed her head and took a good look at this little wonder. It was pure and instant LOVE!

While we both got cleaned up I could barely contain my excitement. I wanted to hold her and feel her in my arms. As we cuddled and bonded I knew she was forever going to change me. This beautiful little girl barely made a peep, she wanted ALL the cuddles and I was more than happy to serve them up. Eventually we got the go-ahead to start nursing, she wasted NO time latching on and our bond grew immediately.  She was a natural from the get go, and I was relieved, my first was a challenge to get that latch going.

Eventually it was time for some rest BUT little miss Lyla wasn’t feeling it. She didn’t want to calm down and the nurses said if I couldn’t get her to relax and regulate her breathing she would have to be taken for observation. I instantly felt anxious…there was NO freaking way my brand new baby was being taken away. I went into survival mode, I calmed my breath, I held her close, I swaddled her back up and I latched her back on, within ten minutes she was out. I was so relieved. Now it was time to be moved into our room.


As I made my way down the hall to our room the realization of just how tired I was sunk in. While she slept I sent out the texts that all was well and finally found some peaceful slumber.

When I awoke it was nearing time for Mae to arrive and meet her new sibling!! I was so excited to let her know she had been right and to see her reaction to this new little babe. My mom, sister and nephew FINALLY arrived and Mae, in no uncertain terms asked, “Is my sister here?” Yes my love, yes! When she finally laid eyes on the sweet little bundle of baby girl she was speechless…another rarity from Mae… She soaked in every inch of that new sister before her, then she sweetly leaned in for a kiss. My heart nearly burst out of my chest in that tender moment.


Once Mae made herself at home, we all cuddled together in the bed and got better acquainted. Lyla mostly just slept but the fleeting moments she was awake she was so alert. She responded to my mother’s voice, she stared at her sister and she soaked in her surroundings. This little girl was very observant, she still is to this day. Eventually Daddy took Mae to school and my mom, sister and nephew stuck around to keep me company and make sure everything was ok.

Lyla fell asleep and boy did she ever sleep!! The nurse finally came in after five hours and said we needed to force her awake to feed her. She could barely stay awake long enough to finish her meal, again such a far cry from my first. I was quickly learning that not only had my pregnancies been completely different but these little girls I was raising would be pretty much opposites.

My time at the hospital seemed so unnecessary because of the ease of caring for Lyla and myself. I quickly became restless and wanted to go home to our own bed but we had to stick around for 36 hours after birth because she had been suctioned out. I had a shower, I did my hair and makeup, I played games, I read, I relaxed, in hindsight it was GREAT but I needed my home. FINALLY at 7 pm December 1st they discharged me, that 20 minute drive home felt like an eternity!!

When we arrived my dad, mom, sister, nephew and Mae were anxiously awaiting us. I have never been happier to be home. Our new life as a family of four awaited us and I could not be any more excited for the future.

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