The Stirring of Labour

They say a picture says a 1000 words….

This picture is not just an offset mess…it’s the very last picture of my two babies before we had three babies at this house. It’s the ONLY photo I have of me in labour as well.
One year ago today my water broke! It was 4 am and I felt a push that wasn’t just baby kicks. It was FINALLY time!! This sense of excitement and calm rushed through me as I cleaned up and decided what to do next.  Thankfully no mess was made LOL!! Not sure how I managed to ‘spill’ nothing as I waddled to the washroom.
I eventually woke Chris and told him. Not long after Mae woke up for morning snuggles. Then I set ‘The Plan’ in motion.
Notify Grandma 

Call the hospital 

Load up the car 

Have a quick snack 

I had zero expectations for what I was about to embark on as Mae had been delivered via scheduled c-section and this baby was going to be a VBAC. We all piled in the van and set off for the hospital. We arrived and I was examined, which was the most excruciating experience of the whole process. I’m 99% certain if anyone in that area didn’t have children or was there to deliver their first they probably wanted to RUN!! I yelped so loudly when that Doctor shoved, what felt like, his entire arm up there! Once I had been examined they couldn’t detect any amniotic fluid so they were convinced my water hadn’t broken but they did know something was happening as the stirrings of contractions were starting by this point. In my head I knew my water had indeed broken but didn’t feel any concern for myself or baby so I didn’t make a big deal of it. After all they were Doctors and Nurses who see this every day.

I opted to return home to labour in the comfort of my own surroundings. Not long after, my mom and sister arrived from Windsor, to help out with Mae and make sure everything was going well and keep me company while I monitored my contractions.

I paced the house, had some lunch, lounged on the couch and I stuck it out at home until about 7 pm that evening when my contractions were progressing. Back to the hospital we went, just daddy and I this time, knowing we would be returning home with our little bundle this time. The reality was setting in and I was mentally prepared for this beautiful moment to arrive.

But TODAY was not the day baby would arrive…I got the epidural and the waiting game ensued. I did take an epic nap while the drugs kicked in. At no point did I feel stressed or afraid of what was to come…adrenaline is AMAZING! And I relaxed until the nurses said it was time……

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