A Baby Story

“God knew my heart needed you.”

One year ago we were preparing to welcome our second child to our family, the room was prepared, clothes were washed and folded, bags were packed and the list was getting crossed off daily. The only thing left was our little bundle of joy to present him or herself to the world!!

With our first we flew by the seat of our pants…which looking back was so silly considering she was a scheduled c-section so we knew well in advance when she would be born…I had so much anxiety with my first because I wanted everything to go smoothly but I had failed to plan. I worked up until 4 days before she was scheduled to arrive, moved the weekend I was finished working to a new city and had basically nothing ready.

THIS time around I was determined to be ready and not give myself the stress and anxiety of not having my πŸ’© together. I left work 5 weeks prior to my due date to get everything in order, relax, and most importantly take time to be with my daughter before the chaos of having a fresh babe around began.

I made a list a mile long and started delegating LIKE A BOSS!! I’m πŸ’―% certain Chris Platford wanted to move out during those 5 weeks…but we got it done!! It felt great to be ready AND have time to truly relax before the little one arrived.

It gave me time to really focus on the fear of the unknown…why hadn’t I just scheduled a c-section??? the anxiety….am I really ready for TWO kids??? the excitement….was it a girl or a boy??? πŸ‘§πŸ‘¦

As I sit here and reflect on the year that has passed I know that everything that was supposed to be has come to fruition. This year has not been perfect or come without trials and tribulations but it has been the happiest year of my life. The fulfillment I have found daily has been tremendous and so much more than I could have ever imagined.

I’m positive this next week will be filled with emotion as we set off to celebrate our littlest princesses first year of life with our family but I am ready to feel ALL the feels.

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